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No Coincidences...
This movie has so many wierd coincidences,
for lack of a better word,
of course we just believe them to be fate...

The Crow/Detroit connection
Her saying, she never thought she'd find
'true love' in detroit,
Two actors from 'The Crow'
are in this movie, the mother, and Tin Tin,
also he talks about a comic
where the lead character wears a ring
around his neck from his lost love.

He says, "She tastes like a peach,"
you always called me your peach,
after we found each other again,
and we both had Castor Troy quotes on our profiles,
yours was, "I can eat a peach for hours..."

He's eating animal crackers,
and says "Save the gorillas..."
how you would always save
the donkey's (jackass's) in yours,
then call them Paul,
and bite their heads off...

She is watching Santa Barbara
when he comes home,
this is really freaky...
since we used to skip school all the time to watch it,
and how my nickname for you was 'Sonny,'
and is still...

He tells her that in his movie
(the movie of their life)
she would get top billing,
we would always say the same to each other,
notice that on everything that I have created,
it is always 'Scott & Vanessa',
but of course
you came up with V&S Syndrome...

The first thing they did after they got married,
is go get tattooed,
we didn't even wait to get married,
we did it before...

The way she calls him 'Sweetie'
just like I used to you...

The whole phone booth episode,
how many times did we have to pull over
on our road trips...

Him using the James Dean quote,
that we have been saying for years...
'Live fast, die young, and leave a good lookin corpse...'(Giant)

Their wedding rings are the ring that
Brad Pitt steals in 'Kalifornia',
the whole Brad Pitt connection...

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