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John Michael
What I Do Best

I knew I'd found my life's callin'
When you spoke my name
From that moment on,
The reason I was born
Became so very plain
Now my heart and soul's
One and only goal
Is to bring you happiness
Lovin' you is what I do the best

Some may live to change the world
And that's alright with me
My hat's off to those chosen few
Who rewrite history
But just to make you smile
That is how I'll measure
My success
'Cause lovin' you
Is what I do the best

It's a lucky man
Who understands
Where his true talents lie
And the first time I held you
I realized
That there's one thing I do better
That all the rest
Lovin' you is what I do the best

Lovin' you is what I do the best

When I got my tattoo,
how it turned you on,
that I didn't even flinch...
The same went for me,
watching you get my name
all the way around your arm...
When you kept designing tattoos
for yourself with my name,
and I would ask you,
"How many times are you gonna
get my name tattooed on you?"
You would say, "As many times as you'll let me."

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